Portfolio of Design & Construction

Experience of over 17 years of successful projects on creating unique and modern structural designs in the Turquoise Riviera.

Villa Blue Wings

Villa Spectre

Villa Au Soleil

Villa Cornelia

Villa Unlimited

Villa Unlimited 2

Villa Elite

Nevin’s House

Azure Heights Project

Villa Maris

Smart House Project #1

Villa Mehtap

Villa Turquoise

Villa Hope

Oasis Hotel

Villa Royal

Likya Pavilion Hotel

Villa Ottoman

Villa Lemuri

Villa Gogen

Villa Falcon Exclusive

Villa Nergis

Villa Lycia View

Villa Falcon Lodge

Villa Eagle’s Lodge

Asfiya Sea View Hotel

Villa Cina

Villa Lycian

Villa Destiny

Villa Bay Vista 2

Villa Bay Vista 1

Villa Ada 2

Villa Ada 1

Villa Nisroc

Villa Alkin

Aysima Hotel

Sole Development

Villa in 110-4-B

Villa Melis

Villa Manolya

More portfolio will be added soon...

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