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After graduating from Balıkesir University Construction Technician Department in 2000 and then, from Balıkesir University Civil Engineering Department in 2004, I started working directly.

In my first job, I provided project design and technical control service at a local builder’s office for a while. This was a good opportunity for me to learn the implementation details and habits of local builders. The shortest way to see how the projects we designed as taught in the faculty were implemented on-site was to witness the implementation as a part of the teams, not as a control element at the head of the workers. Of course, the fact that I had studied in the Construction Technician department before the Civil Engineering Faculty and I was already an intermediate staff, made my job much easier.

Reinforced concrete project applications are quite common in Turkey. Although we have a strong structure and earthquake regulations, the deficiencies in the implementation and control stages were reducing the production quality. Therefore, in this process, I saw how being an engineer who is not only a project designer sitting in the office but also an engineer who can control and manage the project he designed on the construction site can increase the quality of the building. It was a key point for the production quality to progress in harmony from the employer to the worker at the lowest level, and to overcome the problems in the shortest and most effective way.

Kalkan is a Mediterranean town especially loved by the British. The fact that foreign property owners, who can only come for a few weeks a year, rent their villas with magnificent sea views when they cannot come, created a short-term rental luxury villa sector in the town. Kalkan has been one of the locomotive regions of Turkey for many years in the rental villa sector. Increasing demands since 2000 have brought the building design service to a very high-end level, especially in luxury and contemporary architectural design. You won’t find these contemporary designed luxury villas built in Kalkan anywhere else in Turkey.

Kalkan is a town where there is a construction ban in the tourism sector, which lasts for 6 months. Therefore, every builder working in Kalkan is partly in the real estate and partly in the tourism sector. Foreigners who want to buy property, especially like the shopping method known as “one-stop-shop”.

Jobs such as finding a plot of land and designing a villa on it or turning an old villa into a dream villa with renovations form the backbone of the construction industry. Renovation and modernization of villas that have been used for a long time come second, as holiday villas wear out more quickly due to use.

For the architectural project to be implemented in the most correct way in line with the architectural design demands in Kalkan, it is especially important that projects must be designed simultaneously with the architectural project in harmony with the architecture. Such as static/reinforced concrete projects, MEP designs, ground survey projects, and map application projects. My services were gaining significant importance at this point. It was especially important to be able to pass the large areas designed in the building without columns and to be able to do this without creating a security risk in an earthquake zone. In addition, the slope of the land in Kalkan and the fact that applications such as terracing and reinforced concrete curtains were made abundantly made the static project design phase quite arduous.

People living in Kalkan are people who work mostly in construction and tourism. Therefore, it is impossible to find a good web designer and a good architectural photographer living in the region. Those who do these professions usually live in big cities.

For this reason, if you want to do your real estate business in Kalkan with quality and completeness, it is obvious that you need to learn these two skills in the most optimal way. I’ve spent quite a bit of time educating myself on architecture photography and web design as needed, and it seems like it was well worth the time.

In 2016, my children grew up and my son reached the secondary school level. We moved to Fethiye to enable our children to get an education in better schools and to live in a bigger city. I left behind more than 200 projects and services in Kalkan.

We have been living in Fethiye since the beginning of 2017. Together with my wife, we operate my real estate company “Turkey Collection co.ltd.” in this region. Unfortunately, the Fethiye region cannot come close to Kalkan in terms of contemporary architecture. Therefore, apart from a few renovation works, I have not yet had the chance to design or implement a contemporary project in Fethiye like in Kalkan.

From now on, it is my priority to create unique and boutique projects (as long as I do speak the language) from anywhere in the world

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